Supply Chain

We can help manufacturers improve their supply chain by providing tools for supplier and lean inventory management, even with a global supply chain. Our tools are geared towards reducing overall material costs and working capital, while maintaining the reliability of supply.

Hold Suppliers Accountable

A strong supply chain is key to successful manufacturing.  We have designed a supplier rating system to provide manufacturers with a quantitative tool to hold their suppliers accountable for their impact to the operations. Substandard raw materials typically cost manufacturers a lot more than the cost of that supplier's materials and repetitive sub-standards from the same supplier can impact operator morale.  We can deploy a tailored supplier rating system that scores a supplier based on the areas of price, quality, delivery and customer service and will enable you to hold your supplier fully accountable.

Strengthen your Import Program

Our Certified Customs Specialist can support your organization's customs compliance needs and identify Customs programs to strengthen your import program and potentially take added costs and time out of your global supply chain.  We can help you with CT-PAT certification and with setting up audit programs for your suppliers.  We also have significant experience with configuration of foreign supply agreements and can help you find ways to avoid increasing your working capital for a foreign supply.  We understand the importance of a stable and quality supply chain that enables you to remain competitive in the market. 

Maintain a Lean Supply Chain

Inventory is a primary form of waste in manufacturing.  We have experience with various lean management tools that can help you deliver raw materials to your manufacturing operation in a just-in-time manner.  As is common in lean solutions, the first step is standardization, thus we would start by defining all inventory as either a store, FIFO queue, or other standard form of inventory.  Once the purpose of all inventory is clarified, improvement opportunities will be identified and we can decide which of the various lean principles, such as kanbans and heijunka boxes, can be adapted for deployment In your manufacturing operation.


The best supply chains aren't just fast and cost-effective. They are also agile and adaptable, and they ensure that all their companies' interests stay aligned - Hau L. Lee