Lean Operations

We lead the development of business systems to drive stability in manufacturing processes and continuous improvement in business metrics, such as OEE and TRR, to take cost out of your operation and enable an incident free workplace.

Eliminate Waste in your Operation

Every manufacturing operation has many forms of waste, but waste is often left undetected and problem-solving resources struggle to tackle all identified problems.  We have experience in an expansive toolkit rooted in lean operation principles, that will standardize your operations and engage all of your resources in the solution.  The worst form of waste is underutilizing your people or having a lost time or recordable incident.  Let's work together to deploy these tools to create a stable, rewarding and safe environment for your people, promote visibility of key performance indicators to all and thus enable elimination of waste in your processes and continuous improvement in your manufacturing operations. 

Standardization Is Key

Standardization is the first step towards continuous improvement.  Many of the tools that we deploy are rooted in this principle.  TPM, 5S, and Process Management promote first standardizing the environment or process to enable easy identification of problems. Per Six Sigma's DMAIC model, we must first Define, then Measure, and finally Analyze, before we can Improve.  The final and most important step towards improvement is to Control or maintain improvements made.  Maintaining change requires standardization and engagement from all levels of the organization.  Our tools can help.

Achieve Operational Excellence

A3 Thinking allows management to define the business case and desired target condition and then delegate action items to drive change.  The business case trickles down throughout all levels of the organization to the manufacturing operation and thus focuses all resources on the same objective.  The principle behind Daily Management is that everyone understands and is engaged in monitoring success, which drives ownership by all in the business case.  Similarly, with Process Management, operators measure parameters against standard to drive ownership in their process.  Kaizens are a mechanism for engaging the people closest to the problems in the solution and hearing the ideas of every resource.  Your people are your best asset, utilizing these lean tools will enable them to work smarter, not harder, and drive Operational Excellence and your organization to the top of the class.

Operational excellence remains a greater imperative than most companies and most executives acknowledge - Gene Tyndall

A3 Thinking

Daily Management


Process Management

Six Sigma

5S / TPM