Business Intelligence

Our unique combination of experience with computer engineering and direct manufacturing management makes us the right choice to bring Business Intelligence to manufacturers. We are fully certified in MicroStrategy BI and understand how to turn manufacturing data into information.

Access All Data from a Single Platform

The key to Business Intelligence is having all of the right data.  Key manufacturing data comes from the shop-floor.  We can setup a shop-floor data collection system to gather data directly from your equipment.  We can design a custom data warehouse, based on your specific business rules, to collectively store data from all available data sources and efficiently present information to your users to effectively manage the manufacturing operations.  We leverage ETL tools, as well as more specific data integration tools designed to support a manufacturer's needs for shop-floor data collection.  

Leverage the Power of a BI Solution

MicroStrategy Business Intelligence software enables the power of the data to be in the hands of the user, while maintaining the control and security of sensitive data.  It can be tailored to your specific business requirements.  Power users can have the ability to import data, quickly create a visualization of the data, and then share it with others.  Typical BI users only access the data that is configured into attributes, hierarchies, facts and metrics, so that they are buffered from the complexity of the data warehouse, while still having the ability to create or customize dashboards and reports. The BI solution can be as closed or as open as makes sense for your organization.

Benefit from the Agility of a Mobile Dashboard

MicroStrategy is rated as the top BI platform for development of mobile dashboards.  Utilizing MicroStrategy, we can provide an agile mobile solution for presentation of all KPIs to management on their preferred platform.  Dashboards built will leverage the power of MicroStrategy's many built-in visualizations, predictive analytics, automatic data drilling, and alerting capability for key metrics.  These powerful and interactive mobile dashboards can then also be made accessible to your shop-floor personnel through a standard web browser and be used for data entry.  In addition, MicroStrategy visualizations can be integrated into Microsoft Office products or automatically generated in pixel-perfect reports.

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